Cedar Cathedral is a twice-monthly podcast that tells the stories of artists and artisans pursuing the creative life in the Great Lakes region. 

The show is brought to you by Steve and Clare Hendershot from The Diving Bell, an indie-folk band from Chicago. We're interested in what it takes to pursue the creative life in the Great Lakes — something we're trying to do ourselves — and so we seek out the stories of others who inspire through their lives and work here.

Why the name? Cathedral is the word Ernest Hemingway used in his own origin story to describe the cedar forests of northern Michigan where he came of age. He’s one among many to draw inspiration here.

The Diving Bell travels regularly to Great Lakes cities such as Detroit, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids and Minneapolis, and each trip is a reminder that our lifestyle is both rewarding and challenging — especially on the trips when our year-old daughter shares the backseat with the drummer. Those are the moments that force us to ask, 'How do people do this?' To figure that out, we're looking around for examples, role models and success stories. 

So while we're on the road, we visit some of the people whose work we admire, to inquire both about the work itself and about the people and circumstances that make it possible. Those interviews form the basis of each episode. We do all aspects of the show's production ourselves, including the background music, with some help from bandmates Graham Gilreath, Jake Gordon and Charles Murphy. (Graham, the drummer, can make really incredible beats in the car using GarageBand on his iPhone ... or at least he can when our daughter isn't poking him.)

One last thing: we're a new show, and would be enormously grateful for your help in spreading the word, both by telling your friends and reviewing Cedar Cathedral in iTunes. Thanks!

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