How to listen to our podcast

A podcast is a radio show without the radio—instead, you're using your phone, tablet or computer to play the show. 

There are two ways to listen to a podcast such as Cedar Cathedral, and we describe both of them below. The first one is fine—it's easy, and it allows you to tune in. The second one is magical, like Netflix for radio—it collects your favorite shows and lets you listen to them whenever, wherever. And unlike Netflix, there's no monthly fee. 

First, the non-magical way: Click on the "episodes" tab above, select the episode you'd like to play, and then click the orange "play" arrow to stream the show. 

Now for the wildly superior second way. This involves downloading a podcast app, then subscribing to Cedar Cathedral within the app. The advantages to going this route are speed and convenience: new episodes download to your smartphone automatically, as soon as we release them; you can listen even without an Internet connection; and the episodes are automatically deleted from your phone once you're finished listening. Here are a few options: 

  • Easiest: Apple's Podcasts app. If you have an iPhone, one option is built into your phone: Apple's "Podcasts" app. Open the app, select the magnifying glass (search) icon in the bottom-right corner, and then type in "Cedar Cathedral." Our show will pop up—both the individual episodes and the show itself. Select the show under "Podcasts." You'll then reach the homepage for the show; hit the "Subscribe" button and you'll be set to receive future episodes. You can also choose to download individual past episodes if you want to get caught up.
  • Best: Overcast. Our favorite podcasting app is Overcast (in the App Store it's called "Overcast: podcast player"), a free app that uses Apple's podcast infrastructure but improves on the built-in app with more options for customization as well as a clean, intuitive interface. The signup process works similarly to the built-in app, but here the process starts by clicking the orange "+" symbol in the upper-right corner.
  • Android: Pocket Casts or Podcast Addict. If you have $4 to spend, choose Pocket Casts. It's a great app that we would also recommend to iPhone users, except that Overcast is such a great free alternative. If you'd rather choose a free alternative, go with Podcast Addict. And watch for Google's own podcast app, which is coming soon and promises to become the default podcast app for Android, similar to Apple's version for iPhones.